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All Deck / Sure-Foot
Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required and must be completed prior to submitting your request. A Material Estimate for the product you indicate will be delivered by the contact method of your choice.

Materials sold by AllDeck® are based on information provided by the customer, and are shipped and accepted subject to our Terms and Conditions of Sale. You may download a “PDF” formatted version of our Terms and Contitions of Sale by visiting the links below.
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This Material Estimate is for... All Deck   or    Sure-Foot
1. * First Name

2. * Last Name
3. Company
4. * Phone Number
5. Fax Number
6. * Email Address

How should we contact you?

E-Mail   Fax   Phone

8. *

What kind of sub-surface are you coating?

Standard Concrete
Lightweight Concrete
Plywood / Wood Sheeting
Tongue & Groove
Planked / Slatted Wood
       Treated Wood ( Treated with )
OSB / Particle Board - Sealed
OSB / Particle Board - Un-Sealed
Magnesite / Diato
Birdseed / Rubber Chips / Epoxy Stone
Ceramic / Clay Tile
Gypsum Board / Dens-Deck
Cement Board / Wonder Board
Hot Mop / Asphaltic Roofing
Other Existing Coating or Painted

9. *

Is the surface...

On-Ground (in the ground, nothing but dirt underneath)
Above-Ground (occupied space underneath - i.e. garage, offices, parking structure, bedroom, storage)

10. *

Do you need to prevent leaking into the building?

No, I just want to improve the appearance.

11. *

How do you intend to apply the All Deck Textured Basecoat / Sure-Foot Textured Under Coat?

Spray with Acoustic Hopper Gun
Roll ( All Deck ONLY )
Trowel - Thin ( i.e. fan pattern )
Trowel - Thick ( i.e. through a stencil )

12. *

How large is the area you want to coat? Square Feet


Enter the dimensions if known. Dimensions

14. * What is the condition of the surface?
My deck has the following issues...
Moving Cracks    ( Total Lineal Feet AND Average Width )
Expansion Joints    ( Total Lineal Feet AND Average Width )
Hairline Cracks
Spalled Concrete
Delaminated / Weathered Plywood
Low Spots / Ponding Areas
None of the Above. The deck is in perfect condition.
15. Does the project include

Steps / Stairs   How Many
Drains / Scuppers
Flashing - Walls
Flashing - Deck Edge
Railings / Posts / Stanchions

16. Are you interested in Decorative Options?

Stencil Pattern     SP -
Confetti Finish
Faux Finishing Techniques

17. * This project is...

DIY ( Do It Yourself )
I Need a Contractor to do the Job

18. *

Delivery Address (required for freight estimate)

Address One ( 1)
Address Two ( 2 )
City / State / Zip Code
19. * The Delivery Address is

Residential Commercial

20. * Delivery Requirements

Lift Gate Service, Only
Lift Gate Service and Delivery Notification
No Lift Gate necessary, we have a Fork Lift
No Lift Gate necessary, we have a Loading Dock
None of the above
Call For Appointment

21. Payment Method

No COD's or personal checks
Credit Card ( Visa, MC, Amex, Discover )
Certified Check, Cashier Check, or Money Order
Wire Transfer

22. Notes


Thank you for your time and interest in All Deck, comments or suggestions are welcome.

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